Born and raised in Goiânia, Brazil. My parents always allowed me to chase my dreams, no matter how crazy or impossible they seem. I graduated in Advertising & Propaganda, but during the course, I fell in love with Graphic Design and I’ve followed that path.

I went through some agencies and companies, acquiring different knowledge and skills. I went to Sao Paulo to improve my knowledge in the areas of Art Direction and Branding. I lived a while in London, traveled through South and North America, where I got a different view of the world and inspiration for my work.

I work as a Graphic Designer freelancer since 2009 and had the pleasure of working with a variety of clients in different areas. I am always motivated to do a job that makes a difference and that causes effect on people.

When I'm not working, I'm watching movies, listening to music, reading articles and interviews in the area of Design on the Internet. That's how I enjoy my free time. Besides, I like to travel, run and take pictures.

I appreciate a good conversation, so feel free to contact me with questions, work inquiries or just to say "Hello!" :)